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Leading US Chiropractors Share COVID-19 Business Impacts

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to evolve, many industries will see a shift in what was once considered the norm. Leaders in every field are moving with diligence to ensure the best interest and protection of their business, employees, and clients. With the dust just beginning to settle, it’s crucial to get an adept understanding of the business and economic implications resulting from the coronavirus. 

Millions across the country benefit from the care of skilled chiropractors. For many, simple tasks such as even getting out of bed in the morning rely on these dedicated modern healers. Like many health care providers, chiropractors are dealing with how best to serve their patients while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. With that being said, some of the nation’s most decorated and chiropractic doctors weigh in on their experiences thus far dealing with the ramifications of this crisis that is impacting life as we know it. Our Public Relations Agency in Miami WereWolf Media investigates 

  1. Dr. Suzanne Seekins, founder of Fit for Life Health Services, is a certified Craniopath, who was awarded International Chiropractor of the Year in 2011. Dr. Seekins office hosts classically trained chiropractors, massage therapists, aromatherapists, and staff who provide holistic family care to the Naples community. Dr. Seekins states that while her office did remain open throughout the pandemic, she noticed a decline in patients at the beginning. “Our patients quickly regained confidence in our ability to protect them, inform them, and provide the care which empowered them.” In her building, you might notice Ozona air purifiers along with other precautionary measures. “We are taking numerous safety precautions such as providing outdoor waiting rooms as well as an indoor space to allow for distancing, avoiding contact of pens and credit cards within the office, providing outdoor therapy stays upon request, telehealth visits, and home health visits.”
  1. Dr. Adam Anh Tran, founder of Total 98 Rehab & Chiropractic, well known by his trusted patients for his techniques in Chiropractic, is certified in Neurophysiological Intraoperative Monitoring. Total 98 Rehab & Chiropractic provides care for injuries and wellness (auto accident, sports injuries, manual or manipulative therapies, postural and exercise education, health nutrition, and ergonomic training.) Dr. Tran states that being a chiropractor in the state of Texas deemed him essential. “We were open to see patients who were in need of Chiropractic care at their convenience.” The office took sanitation provisions by disinfecting various surfaces, exercising proper handwashing, and informing their patients on different ways to protect themselves. They also were able to adjust business hours as well. “Since we are a privately owned office, we are able to adapt our hours and days to accommodate our patient needs with care and follow CDC guidelines to ensure a high standard safe environment.”
  1. Dr. Seth Smith, is a regionally renowned Chiropractor from The Medical Group of South Florida, Inc., whose integrated approach allows him to focus on the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and spinal related injuries. Dr. Smith says that although patients with acute problems chose to continue their treatment, there were some patients who weren’t able to go into the office. “Many of our elderly patients and immunocompromised patients stayed at home, and we encouraged them to do so.  Patients of all ages, who were more so getting chronic care or maintenance, also initially chose to self-quarantine.” Dr. Smith states as they always aim to give their patients top-notch care, they have changed certain aspects of their business and protocol. “Fever screenings are done at the door. All doctors, staff members, patients, and visitors are required to wear a mask once they step into the office. Cleanliness, while always important for every medical office, has become even more stressed.
  1. Dr. Artelia Wadley, founder of Wadley Chiropractic, is a resource to the DFW community that provides affordable, thorough, quality chiropractic care for the whole family. Dr. Artelia Wadley reports staying open during quarantine, but only seeing patients with a certain pain level. “I was able to remain open during this period, however, I was limited to only treating patients that were experiencing acute pain, which led to a significant decrease in patient visits.” Dr. Wadley states that while being open, many measures were taken to ensure proper sanitation between clients. “The aspects of my business that changed because of Covid-19 were  having to schedule patient appointments further apart, screening patients on every visit for Covid-19 symptoms, wearing masks and gloves during treatment, and amping up disinfectant protocols between patients.” Dr. Artelia Wadley is certified by the I.C.P.A in Webster’s Technique for treating pregnant women, and despite the burden of coronavirus, Wadley Chiropractic remains true to their mission of “treating patients is placing emphasis on treating the whole person, not just the active symptoms.”

In just a matter of weeks, the state of globalization and business has been altered drastically for everyone. These are unprecedented times that will test the ability of many to adapt and remain resilient. As we each develop and execute our own plans for the future, it’s all the more necessary that we look to our nation’s greatest business owners, community leaders, and it elects for guidance and voice on what lies ahead. In the heat of crisis, one thing is for certain – after hearing these testimonies from some of the nation’s top doctors and chiropractors, we should never doubt the ability of the American people to come together and rise ahead with the proper knowledge, courage, and perseverance. 

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