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The Kevin David Experience (Ninja PodCast) has been recently added to Apple’s list of top 25 podcasts in Entrepreneurship.

Hosted by Kevin David, a world-known entrepreneur, coach, and mentor to thousands of students around the globe, The Kevin David Experience features interviews with other successful entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and leaders in the online world.

By sharing their personal stories with Kevin’s listeners and covering different aspects from one’s mindset to practical tips and strategies, all these conversations have one thing in common: they cover various ways to reach financial independence.

Who is Kevin David?

Kevin David is best known for his mentoring and coaching of thousands of entrepreneurs around the globe. Kevin, a successful entrepreneur himself, has helped numerous entrepreneurs, novices and experts, with starting and scaling their online businesses.

He is the author of the best-selling book, “Unfair Advantage”, and the owner of a couple of software companies in a digital marketing field. Kevin is always working and in action, creating numerous content, tools, and programs to help others, both budding and seasoned entrepreneurs, in their online business endeavors. Kevin David’s YouTube channel, focused on ways to make money online without huge investments upfront, already passed the million subscribers mark. 

After many years of being in the same shoes as his listeners, subscribers, and followers, with a 9-5 corporate job that stretched far beyond 8 hours a day, Kevin David is a perfect and genuine teacher and leader to thousands around the world today. 

 In a mere three years, Kevin went from earning an average salary, working 60-80 hours per week for someone else, to becoming a self-made millionaire who has the freedom of time, location, and money independence that so many of us are striving for. 

Is Kevin David a Scam?

It was not that long ago, around 2016 when fake internet stories really started to grow in numbers and severity. Headlines like “FBI Agent Connected to Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide” and “Pope Francis Shocks World and Endorses Donald Trump for President” were popping up like mushrooms after rain all over the internet.

All these stories are 100% false. These stories were created for one and one reason only – monetary gain. They were completely fabricated and fake. And the phrase “fake news” was born.

Figuring out what is fake and what is real is very hard. These days, it’s almost impossible to distinguish between the truth and the lie. Being in the spotlight is not easy. Many successful entrepreneurs are also experiencing these fake news and claims against them today. As many people on the internet have found out, one of the easiest ways to start controversy, create drama, and gain free traffic is to try to discredit that person’s name and reputation.

Kevin David was also targeted.  He commented: “This is nothing new. Fake news has always been around, especially in politics and the world of celebrities. Nowadays, it is unfortunately spread in every aspect of our lives. Not only is it sad and despicable, but it can ruin good people. It is a very dangerous “game” to play. In response, I even made a satiric video by the same name, “Is Kevin David a Scam”, to address those kinds of people, but, unfortunately, I don’t think my message of wrongdoing meant anything to them.  But it doesn’t matter what they think and what they say. At the end of the day, the truth always comes out, and actions speak for themselves. You can choose to discredit other people or offer value to other people. The choice is yours and yours alone! The choice I made, immediately after I started seeing success in my business as a result of my strategies, was to create value and share those same strategies with other inspiring entrepreneurs. I wanted to help others change their lives. The Kevin David Experience, my podcast, Kevin David YouTube channel, and the networking Facebook groups I created, with millions of followers combined, are all amazing vehicles to spread my teachings further. I want to help as many people as possible break those corporate chains and reach freedom. That is the choice I made.” 

The Kevin David Experience Podcast Rates 4.9 out of 5 Stars

It looks like Kevin’s students, listeners, and followers wholeheartedly agree that The Kevin David Experience Podcast is an educational and helpful podcast. Below are just a few testimonials out of the hundreds reviews left on The Kevin David Experience podcast review page.

Episode 101

”Honest business talk with no bs. Thanks for the motivation.” – Ancito, 07/10/2020

“Marketing GENIUS!

I love the way Kevin explains marketing in a way that anyone understands it and feels like they can implement it immediately!” – Andrew Tucker, 07/02/2020 

“Great Info!

Hey Kevin, I really appreciate all of the awesome advice you give. As a fellow entrepreneur who’s really just starting out, I find your advice to be super helpful. Even down to the little things, like how to effectively manage your time. When things take off, it happens quickly and it’s so important to be prepared. Thank you.” – rleyshon, 06/18/2020 

What is Kevin David Focusing on Now?

It seems that Kevin David always has another gear ready to be switched on. Besides an ongoing podcast, his YouTube channel, and different mentoring programs, Kevin always has a couple more hidden tricks up his sleeve. These days he is working on brand new ways to win on Amazon (stay tuned for that announcement), and is appearing on the 2nd season of the popular show Marrying Millions, airing on Lifetime, August 5th at 10 pm EST. 

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