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Top North American Chiropractors Share Covid-19 Business Journey 

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to evolve, many industries will see a shift in what was once considered the norm. Leaders in every field are moving with diligence to ensure the best interest and protection of their business, employees, and clients. With the dust just beginning to settle, it’s crucial to get an adept understanding of the business and economic implications resulting from the coronavirus. Our Public Relations Firm Investigates

Millions across the country benefit from the care of skilled chiropractors. For many, simple tasks such as even getting out of bed in the morning rely on these dedicated modern healers. Like many health care providers, chiropractors are dealing with how best to serve their patients while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. With that being said, some of the nation’s most decorated and chiropractic doctors weigh in on their experiences thus far dealing with the ramifications of this crisis that is impacting life as we know it.

1. Sebastian Waite, the founder of Set Apart Health LLC, offers chiropractic care for all family members. The pandemic evoked a warranted fear in many people around the country, causing a decrease in clients for many health offices. “Thankfully after a while, they started to see how essential our services were and began to come in regularly because they understand that Chiropractic care boosts the immune system by 200%. It is a vital part of anyone’s health especially now.” Waite states that improving their online marketing for online events has opened doors to a “pick-up” option. “Normally we do a plant sale event because we love to grow pesticide-free plants and offer it to the public. We couldn’t have that event, so we decided to offer pickup for our plant sale. It exploded & people loved it. We’re very thankful for that.”

2. Jeffrey Langmaid, the founder of The Evidence-Based Chiropractor, specializes in chiropractic business growth, and practice development. Langmaid says the effects of the pandemic were felt greatly but was able to take an integrated approach on how to provide service to his clients during these uncertain times. “My business pivoted to provide a complete telehealth module for our members. It helped hundreds of doctors keep their business alive by providing them with the opportunity to generate revenue while they were unable to practice as full capacity in their office.”

3. Robin G. Simon DO, FAOAO, and Bruce Mark DC, who both practice out of Broward Medical and Rehab Inc., dedicate their focus to injuries, work-related accidents, arthritis, trauma, and posture. Simon and Mark state that although they’ve remained open entirely, patient volume has been reduced, with patients being more cautious. “We stayed open the entire time. We did not do telemedicine. Dr. Simon has not been able to do any elective surgery, only emergency surgery.” Simon and Mark both say that patients have become more aware of the fears they have while coming into a physician’s office, most of them curious as to how exactly they would be protected if they were to come into the office. “We are trying to see as many patients as possible while continuing to follow social distancing rules. We’ve been accommodating patients by having them wait in their cars and then calling them when it is their time.”

In just a matter of weeks, the state of globalization and business has been altered drastically for everyone. These are unprecedented times that will test the ability of many to adapt and remain resilient. As we each develop and execute our own plans for the future, it’s all the more necessary that we look to our nation’s greatest business owners, community leaders, and it elects for guidance and voice on what lies ahead. In the heat of a crisis, one thing is for certain – after hearing these testimonies from some of the nation’s top doctors and chiropractors, we should never doubt the ability of the American people to come together and rise ahead with the proper knowledge, courage, and perseverance. 


Kotton Grammer

Kotton Grammer is the founder of several Agencies that specializes in Public Relations and Digital Marketing. Headquartered in Miami, FL.